About us

SFS Logo

Skyline Foundations & Structures owns a great legacy that spans over 22 years of Building Lifestyles.

SFS stands for Skyline Foundations & Structures, the new generation company formed by the leaders in construction of homes in Kerala. Skyline SFS strives to serve its new line of discerning young customers, who demand contemporary & avant garde living spaces. Skyline SFS constantly tries to evolve with the needs of its customers – old and new.

The logo of SFS tries to portray these facets of the company. The three pyramids symbolize their great legacy, the amazing levels of trust enjoyed by the company with their existing customers and trade partners, and the contemporary, youthful self which the company tries to imbibe and practice. Pyramids are universally associated with quality construction. The pyramids in constant salutation of the Sun symbolize SFS’s relentless pursuit of excellence. SFS is founded by the original builders of Kerala. So much so that the pyramids are also the symbol of the original hills that came out of the water during the creation of the world.

SFS is a company built on the rock solid foundations of trust and legacy which it has been enjoying over the years. SFS in blue reflects the confidence and solidarity of the company.