Over 1250 flats under SFS Home Care


SFS Homecare is your trusted partner from the moment you decided to buy an SFS home. From home selection to the handing over of your keys and even after-care, SFS Homecare will assist you. We have a dedicated after sales and asset management team to look after all your needs.


Payment of Electricity charges

Payment of Telephone charges

Payment of Land Tax

Payment of Building Tax

Insuring your property, if required

Arranging cleaning work of flats once in a month

Payment of Cable TV charges annually

Payment of monthly maintenance charges


Finding tenants

Execution of contract

Pre and Post Inspection of Apartments

Collection of Rental and Advance Cheque


Repair or maintenance work


Avoid accidents in the pool

A swimming pool is a place of leisure and relaxation, making it a responsible use helps you enjoy it 100%

We want to provide a series of tips to avoid the most common accidents in the pool, so that you can continue to have fun in a safe and proper manner:

Cuts, blows, bruises, abrasions and fractures

Irresponsible behavior and / or unwise can lead to falls, slips ..., which can easily try wounds and abrasions and even fractures and cuts

To avoid

Do not swim in a pool after ingesting a large amount of alcohol

Avoid games that involve racing around the pool

Do not go "balconing", now so fashionable

Install a floor rough around the basin of the pool and submerged in hazardous areas: stairs or areas with low depth

Keep the filter cover places around the pool


The most effective measures to avoid are:

Learn to swim

Do not leave children unattended in the pool

To have life jackets or poles

Place ladders at various points in the pool

Remove toys from the pool when you are not using to remove the children

Use security fencing around the perimeter of the pool

Cover pool with coatings manual or automatic, that in addition to safety, help to keep the temperature and cleaning the pool

Accidents with chemicals

Before handling any chemical products, read the label and follow you the instructions for use

Do not mix products together

Add products to the water, one by one, in order to avoid possible reactions

Apply the product directly into the pool, do not try to dilute it apart

The packaging of chemicals must always be kept closed and out of reach of children. For their better preservation, try to keep them in a dry place and protected from heat

The chemicals can be dangerous if they come into contact with the eyes. In this case, wash the eyes immediately and contact a


Keep away from the pool any electrical appliance connected to the mains, which is not adapted for operation in water


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