About us

Complete Home Care Services

  • SFS Homecare is your trusted partner from the moment you decided to buy an SFS home. From home selection to the handing over of your keys and even after handing over your apartment, SFS Homecare will assist you. We have a dedicated after sales and asset management team to look after all your needs.

  • Payment of Electricity charges
  • Payment of Telephone charges
  • Payment of Land Tax
  • Payment of Building Tax
  • Insuring your property, if required
  • Arranging cleaning work of flats once in a month
  • Payment of Cable TV charges annually
  • Payment of monthly maintenance charges
  • Repair or maintenance work

About us

Rental Services

  • Finding tenants
  • Execution of contract
  • Pre and Post Inspection of Apartments
  • Collection of Rental and Advance Cheque