About us


C power 5 - Change Can Change Climate Change is an initiative with the support of the District administration and experts therein, with the help of students and volunteers to encourage a sustainable lifestyle by giving importance to environment and thus ensuring the safety of future generation.

The prime goals of C power 5 are to reduce global warming by minimising environmental pollution, discourage use of disposables, establish a pesticide- free farming culture by encouraging organic vegetable farming, create an eco friendly culture in the society, invigorate eco-friendly products in the market etc.

Shri Kadakampally Surendran, Honourable minister for Tourism, Co-operation, and Devaswoms, Government of Kerala, and Dr. K Vasuki IAS, District Collector, Thiruvananthapuram are the mentors to this venture joining hands with Pelican foundation, Builders Association of India Society, TCCI, Terumo Penpol and SFS homes.


The Project Samrudhi marks its importance in a scenario where its high time to find a solution for the increasing health issues and the death rate due to over dependence on junk foods & toxic vegetables from neighbouring states, disenchantment of young generation towards agriculture etc.

Samrudhi aims at restructuring barren lands not only in schools & colleges but also the private properties and encourage organic farming there by creating a agroecology nature among the people there. This goal is met with the help of the respective ward councillors, Residents welfare association members, agricultural officers, property owners, young volunteers etc.

How ?

1. Discover the barren land (minimum ten cents) suitable for forming within the city limits.

2. Execution of Lease Agreement for a period of 11 months with the consent of the property owner. If the owner needs the land back for any other purpose before the prescribed time period, he can achieve the same by issuing a notice prior to three months.

3. Coordinate young volunteers from nearby colleges and schools and train them to make the land suitable for farming. If the land is a waste dump site, the same will be cleared off with the help of the members of project Udhyanam.

4. Deciding the nature of crops to be cultivated there by examining the soil in the respective land.

5. To run a community engagement program by involving the residents, students and youngsters there during the cultivation period, to conduct an exhibition of vegetables native to Kerala, to engage grandmothers and housewives to cook the cultivated vegetables, to appreciate the farmers in the nearby area, organise a class for the young generation on agriculture, to engage them in various acts so as to make them more close towards the nature.

6. Selling the agricultural products and give a share of the profit to the property owner.

7. If the owner consents further, the lease period will be extended.

Samrudhi so far:

1. The first initiative begun at B.Ed College Karyavattom. Co-ordinated the students there to prepare the land for cultivation. The helping hands of principal, staff members & the students there are worth mentioning.

2. The next property was the private land at Gandhipuram Thiruvananthapuram of Dr Sunil Kumar, Consultant physician Ananthapuri hospital and his wife Kavita Sunil.

Project Samrudhi is sponsored by SFS homes using their Corporate Social Responsibility scheme.