SFS Homes

Why invest in SFS Properties?

SFS Homes is the leading real estate brand of Kerala noted for timely delivery of projects, quality construction, dedicated customer service and is synonymous of trust.

SFS Properties
  1. ASSURED ORGANIC GROWTH – All our properties are selected after detailed research of future city development, infrastructure plan, and socio-economic trends. We have separate research wing under Department of Innovation handling this study. This ensures high and organic growth in property appreciation.
  2. ATTRACTIVE AND STABLE INCOME RETURN – Ensure only appropriate segment Client buy and occupy our property leading to well-maintained properties. At any given time buyers wait for resale and rental in our properties .We do systematic ‘client profiling’ long before we identify a location in a city. Segment of client includes CEO of IT companies, business class, doctors, bureaucrats, shippies, top management officials of companies, NRI and NON NRI etc. We ensure that there is a pride in ownership of our properties. This is one of the primary reasons our properties fetch high rental and resale value.
  3. HIGH CONNECTIVITY – All our properties have high accessibility and connectivity, wide access roads (min 2 cars, truck, fire tender etc can pass easily at any spot on the access to the project or within the project).
  4. IMMUNITY AGAINST MARKET FLUCTUATIONS – All our properties are class one residential properties. Hence in case of market volatility we are shielded against depreciation.
  5. ASSETS WITH STRONG PROJECTILE FOR APPRECIATION – All our projects are design driven ensuring high appeal, aesthetic, high utility, easy to maintain, less cost of operation due to green building features incorporated, high wellness quotient, flexible and long design life. This create a strong projectile for appreciation.
  6. A SAGA OF TRUST – We are experts in residential housing in KEARLA with 38 years’ experience with CRISIL DA2+ rating & ISO certification, projects with ICRA and CRISIL 7 star rating, which ensures flawless design, perfect execution, ease of documentation, timely delivery and seamless buying experience. SFS HOMES is a founding member of IGBC- KERALA chapter (Indian green building council) and we follow green building guidelines in our project. Promoters of SFS HOMES ,MR SRIKANT and MR LAVA have more than 3 decades of experience in real estate and housing in KERALA. We have the least attrition rate among our staff and majority of them are with us over decades. All these create a strong base of the pyramid which infuses trust and credibility in the brand.
  7. LONG TERM “ASSURED” WEALTH BUILDING ASSET WITH “PREDICTABLE “RETURNS AND LEAST RISK – We have a reliable after sales and homecare “SFS HOMECARE” available 24*7*365 which ensures timely maintenance, expert advice, and maintenance and stress free rental income of your home. We have complete end to end solution in housing from new homes, interior design, HOMECARE, rental , resale support, refurbishment solutions creating goodwill and referral environment .We have a strong customer base of over 5000 clients from 40 countries and more than 1500+ clients are part of SFS HOMECARE. We have strong relationship with all owners associations of completed projects and existing clients whereby we provide support as and when required.
  8. HELPS YOU RAISE MONEY QUICKLY – All our projects are 100% compliance to all statutory norms, laws and rules applicable to this industry and delivering peace of mind to buyers in the years to come. We have high customer satisfaction index. All our properties have strong documentation with high clarity making it easily marketable while on resale/ transfer/ mortgage / raise capital by loan over property. These is basic prerequisite in any business to create an environment for value appreciation. Due to 100% compliance all our projects are approved by all major banks where by ensuring easy finance for buyers. SFS always has far sighted vision on compliance, so SFS HOMES made history by being first to get its project registered under KERALA RERA.
  9. AN IMPECCABLE TRACK RECORD – We don’t have a single valid litigation against us from any customer, vendor, Govt authority, financial institutions nor general public, creating an impeccable 38 years track record in housing industry in Kerala.
  10. PROFESSIONAL TO THE CORE – We have the best of expertise for building these homes, be it top architect and proven consultants, experienced staff at office and sites, sophisticated machinery and infrastructure to build. We maintain high level of transparency in all our dealings with all our stake holders.
  11. RESEARCH PAYS – We do constant monitoring of our property price to track the property and rental returns to check – correct- validate the design of success we are committed for.
  12. MOST TRUSTED BUILDER IN KERALA – SFS homes is Known as being the MOST TRUSTED BUILDER IN KERALA when it comes to delivering homes on time. This feat is achieved by employing the most modern management principles and dedicated experienced work force we are proud of. We own most of the machineries and construction equipment from the piling for foundation to the finishing tools. We are known in the market to be prompt pay masters with our vendors, suppliers and contractors because of which we command confidence with our partners who support wholeheartedly and go extra mile to support in delivering homes on time.
  13. INTERNATIONAL QUALITY – we build homes that last a lifetime. Great pride is taken to construct our homes with finish material, skilled work force, under expert supervision and built with passion. Our in-house quality assurance department has a team of well experienced professionals who enforce the most stringent quality controls. We on a regular frequency scrutinize our quality systems by third party inspection agencies and auditors as per international standards.

All these points makes SFS properties easy to resell, however mostly our clients rarely resell SFS properties because of the value they perceive in them. We have many cases of second generation (Father bought earlier in SFS HOMES and now son buying again from us), in fact the tagline “TRUSTED BY GENERATIONS” was coined by a proud owner’s son in a testimonial awarded to us during their second buy and we happily made it as our tag line.

SFS believes that home is where the heart is and strives to achieve it. SFS HOMES does not depreciate nor can it be brought down by anybody, purchased with common sense, paid in full, and managed with SFS HOMECARE, it is about the safest investment you can have.
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