Buying a House? Are you asking the Right Questions

Buying a house is a big financial step up. You may have to spend all your hard earned savings or seek help from your family and friends. Given that you will have to expend big amounts of money, buying a house should be well thought of.

If, after buying you will find glitches in the house, such as poor drainage and mediocre lighting, you cannot just sell it and get your money back. So before you sign the contract, follow this checklist to makes sure that you will not have regrets with your purchase.

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Buying a house is expensive. Make every single penny count.

Know the right questions to ask

The seller and your realtor must have known each other and they are likely to build each other’s statements. Instead of just believing what your realtor says, probe more and ask questions.

Ask them questions which will lead them to explain the not-so-great-side of the house. They are selling a high value property so they would like to skip divulging details such as the area being frequently flooded or that it has a poor water source.

Positive comments are easier to share so spend time probing for more pressing details.

Is it everything you want?

When you see a beautiful house, you can’t help but start imagining how wonderful it would be to live in it, right? Take a deep breath and go back to item number one: think.

Do you think it is the best choice? Are there enough bedrooms? Is there enough room for your cars in the garage? Does it offer easy access to basic facilities? If you have kids, do you think having a 2 storey house is safe?

Take time to pause and think how buying the house will affect your current situation.

Check structural details

Whether you want to live in that house or rent it out to someone else, everything should be in tiptop condition. Check the roofing, plumbing, electrical wiring, insulation, fences, pavements, driveways and others. Try moving some of the upholsteries and check if the floor is dry.

If you don’t see any damage, try checking potential signs such as wet driveway, moulds on the ceilings, corners and internal walls.

Check also for cracks on the walls and doors that do not close properly as these are indications of movement in the area.

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